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Xinvest is a free personal finance tracking and performance tool for the X Window System. Xquote is a free WWW quote retrieval tool for the X Window System.
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NewDecember 27, 2004 - Xquote 2.6.10 adds usability enhancements and alerts

Go get it at Also full HTML documentation is available at

NewMay 1, 2004 - Joint release 2.6.9 of Xinvest, Xquote, and QuoteFilter

The new versions are now available : Xinvest 2.6.9, Xquote 2.6.9, QuoteFilter 2.6.9.

NewMarch 14, 2004 - Initial version of QuoteFilter available

The initial version of QuoteFilter is now available at .

QuoteFilter is a new tool to complement Xinvest and Xquote : it processes E-mails from financial institutions and drops the latest quotes in the files used by Xinvest.

NewNovember 13, 2003 - changing to BSD license

Xquote and Xinvest will soon become available under the BSD license, meaning they will be regarded as free or open source software. This was different with the old license.

NewNovember 6, 2003 - Xquote 2.3.1 is available

It fixes a couple of problems with version 2.3.

NewNovember 3, 2003 - Xquote 2.3 is available

This version will work with the new Yahoo! site.

NewJuly 2, 2000 - Xinvest email contact changes

Contact information to email the maintainer of these software packages and web pages has changed to:

NewDecember 9, 2000 - CVS repository Available

If you would like to contribute to the project, or just like to build with the latest source, you are now able to do so. See CVS developers area for more details.

NewNovember 20, 2000 - Xquote 2.2 Now Available

Xquote 2.2 now supports logging of quote updates to a file.  File logging is supported through 3 new file menu items: Log To File, Stop Log, and Clear log file.  Another option menu dialog has been added which allows selection of the file logging format, either Xinvest format, which is compatible with Xinvest transactions, or a semicolon separated list.  The former format only logs the date and price of a quote, the latter format logs every quote variable currently selected for display from the details dialog.  This allows you to tailor the log to the information of most interest to you.

NewNovember 19, 2000 - Xquote and Xinvest built with Open Motif

Open Motif is a release of Motif sources and runtimes available with the more generous Open Group Public License.  Open source operating systems can generally use, build, and provide Motif for free.  Xinvest and Xquote will continue to work with LessTif as well. To get more information on Open Motif, check the links section.

NewApril 15, 2000 - Xquote 2.1 Now Available

Xquote 2.1 now has support for larger ticker symbols (up to 15 characters).  It also now supports separately specified display text.  The ticker tape view will either display the ticker symbol, or if defined, an arbitrary string you specify. This should help with those odd Yahoo symbols like ^IXIC (NASDAQ composite).

Xquote 2.1 will restore your older session files, but will force you to enter the new display text field the next time you open the ticker symbol dialog.  If you wish to just keep the display as it was, just enter the ticker symbol into the new display text field.  Remember the easiest way to 'edit' your ticker symbol list is to double click on the ticker symbol you wish to modify (it's contents will be loaded into the entry fields), click on
remove, add the desired display text, and click on Add.  Repeat for each ticker symbol.

NewFebruary 5, 2000 - Xinvest 2.6 Now Available

Xinvest 2.6 contains loads of new features: currency exchange rates, exchange rate live updates from Xquote, a revamped report generator, a preference dialog for display formats, etc, and modifiers for Xquote updates, so received quotes can be placed into the units of your account history.

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Developers CVS Area

The generic instructions on how to work with anonymous CVS on are available here.

Here is our summary - to checkout current sources with read only access:

  1. cvs -d login    (the password is "cvs", without the quotes)
  2. cvs -d checkout xinvest
  3. cvs -d logout
  4. cd to xinvest/build/xinvest or xinvest/build/xquote and type make (on Linux systems)
There's no need to use the CVS area to build with current stable sources, just visit the download pages for complete distributions.

For active development you will need write access to the repository, email me with your plans and an account can be created.  Areas of particular interest include: Xprt support for printing the man Xlib graphics of Xinvest, figuring out GNOME session management vagaries over the base X11R6.3 functionality, etc.  See the TODO list for more ideas, and other suggestions are certainly welcome.

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Mailing List

Join the list if you'd like to follow the development of these programs, like to report a bug, have a question, or would like to see a new feature implemented.  I expect this to be a very low volume list. You may continue to contact me directly, but I encourage you to use the mailing list so everyone may gain from it.

To subscribe: email to

To unsubscribe: email to

To post a message to the list: email to

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Other sites you might find interesting:
XPM XPM Home Page or here if you have problems connecting. 
LessTif Free Motif clone, Xinvest and Xquote run just fine with LessTif.
Open Motif
Motif based on the official Open Group sources.
Red Hat Xinvest 2.6 and Xquote 2.1 are available on the Red Hat Linux PowerTools CD.

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Special thanks to SunSITE Denmark for their generous support.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

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